10 Steps for Becoming a Licensed Psychologist

What are the prerequisites for becoming a licensed psychologist? How do I reserve a place at the licensure exam? When I have passed the EPPP, what do I still need to do to become licensed?

These are important questions that often overwhelm doctoral students. In this post we will answer these questions by breaking down this complex process into a series of ten easy steps.

Step 1: Complete your Doctoral Education

Before you can take your EPPP, you must complete your doctoral education.

Step 2: Complete Your Prerequisites

Prior to signing up for your EPPP licensure exam, you will be required to complete your Internship, and in most states your Postdoctoral hours. Some states allow you to sit for your EPPP directly following your Internship hours. We can provide you with your state’s specific requirements. Simply email us at membersupport@taylorstudymethod.com, or call us at 877-510-5445.

Step 3: Request Application from SBP

When the required hours are completed you will then need to request an application for licensure from your State Board of Psychology (SBP). We are available to assist you in this process.

Step 3: Submit Application for License with SBP

Next, you will fill out the application, and submit it to your SBP. Again, we can assist you with this process. We can also provide you with your SBP’s contact information.

Step 4: Receive SBP’s Approval

SBP will approve your application, which means you are ready to book a place at the EPPP.

Step 5: Submit Application to Prometric

When your SBP approves your application, you can submit your application to Prometric, the company that administers the EPPP.

In deciding when to submit your application there is one very important consideration to keep in mind: once you receive your “Authorization to Test” from Prometric, you must sit for the exam within 60 days. So, before submitting your Prometric application, you will want to be about ¾ of the way through your study process, so you are not rushed by their 60-day deadline.

Step 6: Receive “Authorization to Test” from PES

Once you submit your application and it is approved, Prometric will send you an “Authorization to Test”.

Step 7: Confidently Sit The EPPP

If you have used the effective EPPP preparation materials provided by TSM, you should be able to sit your EPPP with confidence. The reason you can have confidence is because we will let you know exactly when you are ready based on the practice tests that are a regular feature of the TSM learning model.

Step 8: Receive Passing EPPP results

The most gratifying part of the whole process is to receive a passing result. When you pass the EPPP, it makes all the hard work worth it.

Step 9: Submit EPPP Results to State Licensing Board

After you receive your passing result, you will submit this result to your SBP.

Step 10: Sit for your State Jurisprudence Exam

Your final step is to sit your state’s Jurisprudence Exam, which covers the mental health laws and regulations unique to your State. After you have received a passing result from the Jurisprudence Exam, you are ready to be a licenced psychologist.


If you have not already done so, TSM invites you to login to www.taylorstudymethod.com and sign up today for a free TSM membership to experience first-hand how the Taylor Study Method can support you as you prepare for your licensure exam. For more information phone us at 877-510-5445.


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