Launch Date of EPPP Step 2 Changed to January 2020



The ASPPB has changed the launch date of the EPPP Step 2 to January 2020.

The EPPP Step 2, which is intended to complement the existing EPPP through assessing competency and skills, was previously being planned for a January 2019 launch. By pushing the date forward by a year, the ASPPB has more time to develop the new exam to the same standards as the existing EPPP.

This means that those licensed prior to 2020 will not be required to take the EPPP2.

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Preparing for EPPP Step Two: Dr. Graham Taylor Answers Your Questions

What is the EPPP Step Two? How can a candidate go about preparing for this new part of the psychology licensure exam? When will the EPPP Step Two become mandatory?

Last Thursday Dr. Graham Taylor answered these and many other questions in a Facebook Live event. A recording of the event can be watched in the video below.

To keep informed about future Facebook Live events, follow the TSM Facebook Page.

EPPP Step 2: Graham Taylor Answers Your Questions on Facebook Live Next Thursday

Next Thursday, June 8, at 12:00 PST, Dr. Graham Taylor will be on Facebook Live to answer your questions about EPPP Step 2.

The free event will be hosted on the TSM Facebook Page and can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection.

EPPP Step 2 is a new competency-based exam that is being developed by ASPPB to complement the existing EPPP. The test will become part of the licensure process starting January 2019.  In next Thursday’s event, Graham Taylor will be fielding questions such as the following:

  • Why is EPPP Step 2 being introduced?
  • How much will EPPP Step 2 cost?
  • Will candidates be required to take both exams?
  • How will EPPP Step 2 be administered and what will its format be?
  • How does EPPP Step 2 relate to the original EPPP?
  • What areas EPPP Step 2 intended to assess?

Everyone is invited to watch next Thursday’s event and to ask Dr. Taylor questions in real time.