Feedback From the EPPP-DSM-5 Webinar Series

The EPPP has changed!

In fact, the whole field of mental health has changed with the newest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Many people who are studying to pass their EPPP have been nervous about these changes, and have been wanting to know how this will effect their psychology licencing exam.

To address these and other important concerns, TSM put on a series of live webinars earlier this autumn on DSM-5 and the EPPP. These webinars are now entirely available online through the following links:

Feedback From TSM’s DSM-5 and the EPPP Lecture Series

“Thank you for providing the webinar series…very helpful in my EPPP prep.”

“I think the questions are great in these videos! Is it possible to gather all the questions and put them in one place, i.e. the TSM blog?”


“Very informative webinars! But other than that, they were great.”

“Absolutely helpful! Thank you!!!”

“Really excellent presentation. Perfect timing and pace. Informative and engaging.”

“I’m so glad that TSM has done these webinars, excellent information presented in an entertaining way”


“Thank you, you do a great job with the technology aspect of the webinar, and the TSM material is GREAT. Thank you and everyone at TSM for making this available to NCU students. THANK YOU!!!”

“I can’t wait until this series begins again, the videos and commentary are great… thank you”

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