Surviving EPPP Prep When You Don’t Have Time

With spring comes schedule-filling activities that can distract you from EPPP prep.

Perhaps you’re thinking of your next vacation or RSVPing to graduations and weddings – events that aren’t quite in full swing yet but will fill the calendar before you know it.

Here are two rules of thumb when it comes to surviving EPPP preparation with a crowded schedule. We’ve touched on these strategies before in posts more specific to holidays  and weddings. There are two main points I highlight here in regards to a generally crowded schedule.

  1. Find Balance 

When your schedule is taken over by what you cannot control, such as holidays with family or a wedding, avoid cramming in hours of studying all at once and, on the contrary, avoid taking an extended break from studying. Neither of these options is beneficial to your retention. The former option can exhaust your brain and the latter doesn’t allow you to keep your brain fresh and focused.

The best strategy is to study little and often. Find balance by studying a little bit every day or every other day.

  1. Be intentional

Build your EPPP study schedule as your calendar begins to fill. Know where you will need to be and when so that you can plug studying in to your schedule. Figuring out commitments beforehand will allow you to both enjoy the commitments you’ve made as well as submerge yourself into a productive study session.

If possible, get studying out of the way in the morning to allow for more flexibility throughout the day and so that you have the rest of the day to enjoy the things that busy your schedule.


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