EPPP Preparation Success and The Power of Imaginative Rehearsal

I ended the last post  by saying that it is crucial what you think of yourself, so that you do not inadvertently become a victim of your own negative expectations.  This is especially important as you continue your EPPP preparation process.

As you begin the journey of psychology licensing prep, expect success and you will be more likely to succeed. Expect failure, and you will be increasing the likelihood that you will actually fail.

Precisely because of this, we have devoted a section of our advice on EPPP Preparation and Test-Taking Strategies to discussing the mindset you bring to your test and what you think about yourself. As we point out there, “optimism leads to superior health, greater achievement, persistence, emotional health, increased longevity, less stress… and, the right mind set for your EPPP preparation!”

It isn’t just when you are taking tests that the principle “what you expect is what you get” is operative. Sports psychologists and coaches have long understood that the brain’s power to ‘rehearse’ optimal performance outcomes is crucial to realizing an athlete’s goals and dreams.

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