Frustration Can Boost Your EPPP Success

Frustration can be enough to make someone give up on their goal of EPPP success. There’s a stigma attached to frustration that says “you’re not smart enough.” We explored this stigma in a previous post, Why Struggle and Frustration Are Good (Study Myths Part 4), by contrasting the American school system with that of the Japanese. “[…] what people in one culture [American] think of as failing, people in other cultures [Japanese] think of as learning.”

Further exploring the idea of frustration leading to success is Tim Harford in his Ted Talk called “How Frustration Can Make Us More Creative.”

Harford touches on the way in which frustration can be discouraging when caused by unideal circumstances but when the unideal circumstance is explored, creativity – and success – flourishes.

Take a look:

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