Supplement your EPPP prep with EPPP Study Video – Job Commitment

To aid in your EPPP prep today, TSM would like to share with you from the Taylor Study Method video resource library, EPPP Study Video – Job Commitment. Listen as Dr. Wayne Casio shares about Job Commitment, the emotional bond that links individuals to organizations, and other personal stories and explanations of this this EPPP key term .


“Job Commitment is an emotional attachment or bond that links individuals to organizations. It is heavily emotional. We call that affective commitment. It is an acceptance of and belief in an organizatino’s goals. Willingness to help the organization get there. And it could be high commitment due to high perceived cost if you leave. It’s most characterized by a sense of obligation.

Job Commitment is associated with lower rates of absinteeism and low turnover. I’d like to tell you a little story about Job Commitment, that illustrates the concept pretty clearly…

Several years ago, I was meeting with a senior vice president of HR, of a very large pharmaceutical company. We were in New York, and it was after regular work hours, we were meeting about seven o’clock at night. And the building was pretty empty, and I was sitting there waiting for him. In the lobby, a janitor came through…And I always like to talk to people about their jobs, so I asked the janitor, ‘What do you do?’ And the guy said…I thought he was going to say, i’m responsible for the first three floors. I empty the trash. I vacuum the rugs, ect. Thats not what he said.

When I said ‘what do you do?’ he said, ‘I work for a company that’s looking for a cure for cancer.’ That’s high commitment…”


We hope you found this video resourceful for your EPPP prep. For links to more EPPP Study Video’s please click here.

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