5 Tips to Survive Wedding Season With EPPP Test Prep

It’s likely you’ve attended at least one wedding already this summer. The season is well under way yet not nearly over. The invitations covering the refrigerator could be a stressful reminder of how little room is left on your calendar for EPPP test prep. It’s like the holidays except there are more flowers, more friends and family, and definitely more dancing.

Is it possible to enjoy the wedding bells while productively doing EPPP test prep? Here are some tips to survive this not-so-perfect studying scenario.

Tip #1: Don’t study too much or too little

When you’re an out-of-town guest for someone’s wedding it can be tempting to take an extended break from studying. On the other hand, it can be tempting to sneak away for hours to cram in what studying you have. Neither option is optimal.

It’s best to study little and often as opposed to studying for an extended time block surrounded by days of no studying at all. Find a balance between studying a little bit every day, or every other day, without letting EPPP test prep rob you of the wedding bliss you were invited to partake in.

Tip #2: Spend your time intentionally

Figure out where you need to be and when. Then take a look at what EPPP test prep needs to get done.

If you’re in the bridal party or you are a close relative, plan on being occupied the entire day of the wedding and look for pockets of time to study on other days. On the days you plan to spend time preparing for the EPPP, make a goal to get it done in the morning. Studying in the morning will allow you to fully enjoy whatever the rest of the day has in store for you as well as ensure that your study time doesn’t get taken over by last minute plans that you didn’t factor into your schedule.

Tip #3: Find distance from the distractions

Between out-of-town family and friends (or being an out-of-town guest), the rehearsal dinner, and other wedding plans, it can be difficult to slip away and study. Because there is so much going on it can be tempting to simply step aside and study amidst the wedding bliss.

In order to fully engage in your study materials, and to fully engage in festivities, escape distraction by going somewhere else when you do find time for EPPP test prep. This could be a nearby coffee shop or, sometimes more conveniently, your parked car. As we recommend when studying during the holidays, keep a notebook handy to jot down the distracting ideas or things to remember that may creep up while you study.

Tip #4: Don’t miss out on the season

The last thing you want to do is miss out on your loved one’s special day or the special traditions leading up to it. Not only would studying instead of participating, or being distracted but thoughts of studying, rob you of experiencing the fullness of the events, but it would rob your brain of much needed periods of rest which are vital to retention.

Avoid thinking about studying when you’re not studying. Taking a break from thinking about the information you filled your brain with will allow it to process and store the information therefore allowing you to retain what you’ve learned or think more clearly about a concept later.

Tip #5: Anticipate your time realistically

Instead of attempting to maintain your typical study habits while submerged in someone’s special weekend, expect a not-so-perfect study scenario and plan for what you really believe you can do. Expecting too much of productivity can create feelings of failure when wedding festivities take up more room in your schedule than planned for.

Figure out what needs to be done for EPPP test prep as well as where and when you will need to be somewhere for wedding activities. Fill in the gaps with your study schedule. (At TSM we can help you create a study schedule you don’t already have one)

To take one step further to ensure productivity in EPPP test prep during wedding season is to invite your family and friends to hold you accountable to your study goals. Making friends and family aware of when you will be studying gives them ownership of your productivity therefore giving you a better chance at being productive. Just don’t ask anything of the bride!
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