Increase Productivity When Studying for the EPPP

Those who are studying for the EPPP easily fall into one of two opposite problems. The first problem is insufficient focus. Even though you know you ought to be working through your EPPP test preparation materials, your mind wanders and your attention is scattered by a multitude of mental and digital distractions. The opposite problem a person can fall into is that they are so focused and absorbed in their EPPP studies that they work themselves into the ground and fail to take proper breaks.

With regard to this second problem, the solution is simple. Take periodic breaks. Stand up, stretch, walk around. Doing this will increase your productivity.

In an article last year on exercise in the workplace, Scot Lister observed that Japanese companies mandate short exercise breaks as a way of increasing workplace productivity. American companies like Google or now following suit.

Companies who allow their workers to take periodic exercise breaks have noticed that in addition to the health benefits mentioned before, employee morale and their sense of camaraderie has increased, and that their employees feel as if they are more a part of a community than a corporation. Some American companies are following in the footsteps of Japanese companies, and are beginning to schedule on-the-job exercise programmes for their employees as well. Google – often cited as “the best company in America to work for” – not only allows its employees to get up from their desks and exercise, they mandate it. Having learned that sitting for too long is the cause of many of America’s most widespread health issues (such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, etc.), Google actually requires its employees to get up periodically and stretch, walk around, or take part in one of the many exercise programmes it offers. And again, the wisdom of this approach shows up in the “bottom line,” in the form of higher productivity, lower absenteeism, and lower overall health costs.

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