New EPPP Questions Enhance TSM Program

At TSM we intentionally challenge the status quo in the learning process, resulting in a revolutionized way for you to successfully prepare for your EPPP. With our researched-based learning methodology, engaging online learning platform, and compassionate customer care, TSM will successfully prepare you for your EPPP.

There are two facets that make our EPPP Preparation Program so successful. First, there is the method. TSM researchers have incorporated the latest theories of learning and memory into the learning process. Our research-driven methodology seeks to work with the structures of the brain to increase consolidation, retention and recall of the information being studied. The graphic below shows just some of the memory and learning methodologies incorporated into our product.

As important as our method of learning is, the other key component is the content. Part of what it means to successfully prepare you for your EPPP is to make sure your materials reflect cutting-edge changes in the field of psychology.

In two earlier post (see here and here) we talked about some of ways our program is incorporating material from The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) into our test-preparation materials. But that isn’t the only recent enhancement to our program. I’d like to tell you about two more changes we will be introducing.

We have recently finished our Narrative Enhancement Project, in which we updated and enhanced 283 of our Narrative Definitions. Through the completion of this project, TSM has ensured that you will have the most up-to-date, complete and comprehensive information in the field of psychology for your EPPP preparation.

Still another enhancement project has involved creating 769 new questions for you that span all the 11 Domains you’ll be studying.  These questions are going to be challenging!  Our goal is to provide you the opportunity to become both a critically thinking and practiced test-taker, so that you can approach these 769 new questions with confidence.

We don’t try to pretend that passing the EPPP is easy. But we do provide you with the tools to succeed. These enhancements to our materials are part of our ongoing concern that everyone who goes through the TSM program can be confident that they are equipped to pass the EPPP.

We are so excited to be on your EPPP journey with you. Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding any of these enhancements or other EPPP questions.

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