Oxygenating The Brain During Your EPPP Studies

We all know that our bodies need some attention in order to grow and be healthy” writes Steve Riggs, “But what about our brain? What does it need to be able to grow, to heal, and to learn in the best way it can?”

This question is obviously of crucial importance as you prepare for the EPPP.

Riggs answered his own question in an article for The NACD Foundation (Volume 25 No. 5, 2012).  He gives three easy steps for achieving a healthy and fully oxygenated brain:

Now what were those simple things that must be practiced for increasing oxygen to the brain? Here they are: 1) Breathe easily and normally with your belly in a relaxed way. 2) Breathe through your nose under normal conditions and not your mouth. 3) Take short walks throughout the day. Short walks will increase your circulation and increase oxygen to your brain, whereas while forced walks or runs may be good for you too, they also cause your muscles to absorb much of the oxygen in your system, and that hinders increasing the oxygen being carried to your brain.

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