From Internship to Licensure

If you’re an aspiring psychologist who has finished your internship yet remains unclear what to do next, you’re not alone.

Learning to navigate the bumpy road from internship to postdoc to licensure is something that many people find challenging. In an article for the American Psychological Association, Tori DeAngelis’ described summed up the basic difficulty:

“Grad school is no easy street, but it is a fairly comprehensible and predictable process, at least until you finish your internship. From postdoc to license, though, the path is less clear: There is no system to guide you, and the rules are complex and varied. Your state’s licensing procedures might bewilder you, for example. Or your postdoctoral training might not offer the experience you need for licensure.”

Thankfully, guidance is available for this confusing process. To provide some guideposts for would-be psychologists, DeAngelis offers 11 steps to help simplify what could otherwise be a confusing road. His article ‘After the Internship‘ is a must-read for anyone who is approaching the end of their internship.

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